About us

The idea of making high-level restaurants & kitchens is not new nowadays; however, “building kitchen around the chef” is something unusual for our market. We believe that the only way to have high quality food for good money is to construct top-level kitchens in restaurants.


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Company history

The idea of our company comes from Italy. Andrea Viacava was the first one who used this technology named “smart kitchen” in the restaurant near the place he lived. After several years businessmen all over the world wanted to use this technology because of its efficiency. We are proud that nearly 150 restaurants were build by this man, among them many Michelin Star ones. Now he gathered the best professionals all over the world, and WE made this company to help people make the best and believe in what we believe.

Words of Andrea: Design of kitchens has never been just work for me. My father was restaurant owner and I spent my childhood exploring the mysteries of cooking process. Since that time many things have changed, but my passion remains the same: my love to kitchens and kitchen design. It is my work, it is my life, and it is my world. I would like to share my passion with you.